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The lead mines of Bellmunt were in use until 1973, when they were closed as a mine exploitation. In summer 2001 they were opened as a tourist activity inside a museum complex. Mine house (modernism style), smelting, cage tower (photo 2) (pit head), nowadays in a process of being restored, an old workshop has been adapted as a museum to help people to understand and to learn about the works of the lead ore extraction : galena
During this guided visit , first you will be shown the museum. Then you will go down to the mine, level 0, it has 18 levels (more than 450 metres deep). In this gallery you can notice the extraction system, ore waste , stalactites, stalacmites , ravens etc.

En la visita guiada, primero os mostrarán el museo y seguidamente bajaréis a la mina, a la planta 0, de las 18 plantas que tiene (más de 450m. de profundidad). En esta galería podréis observar el sistema de explotación de los filones (por barrancos y andamios), restos de minerales (galena, minerita), verdaderos barrancos, formaciones calcàreas (estalactitas y estalacmitas).


The mine visit , for its proximity to the village (2oo metres) and for its natural attractive, is one of the most advisable and almost compulosry activitiy in Bellmunt.
You can visit the mines : Saturdays from 11.00 , 12.30 and 16.00. Sundays 11.00, 12.30, or just arranging your visit in the Falset tourist office tel +34 977 831 701. The price is 5 euros per person.



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